Documents & Resources

Please find below a full listing of the official documents and resources utilized by Romans Funeral Home. All documents may be downloaded and completed in full with requisite signatures and stamps prior to your visit the Funeral Home.

General Documents

1. First Call Information Sheet: This sheet provides  general information needed to start processing services with Romans Funeral Home and will be kept on your files as a contact sheet.

Download First Call Information Sheet

2. Obituary Form: This sheet provides general information for press releases of the funeral arrangements. To be used for completing the obituaries.

Download Obituary Form Or complete and submit Obituary online

3. Clothing Checklist (for the deceased) : This sheet provides a full listing of items required to “dress” your loved one for the funeral services.

Download Clothing Checklist Sheet


Cremation Documents

1. Form A- Application for Cremation with Statutory Declaration. To be completed by the next of kin or family member or applicant on behalf of the deaceased family. Download Form A

2. Form B – Authority to Cremate. To be completed by the authorised officer of police. Download Form B

3. Form C – To be completed by a medical practitioner who has attended to the deceased during his/her last illness and who can certify definitely as to the cause of death. Download Form C

4. Form D – Confirmatory Medical Certificate. To be completed by a government officer who is not a relative of the deceased or a relative partner of the medical practitioner who gives the certificate in Form C.  Download Form D

5. Form E – Certificate After Post Mortem Examination. To be completed by a government officer designated by an authorised officer. Download Form E

6. Mode of Disposition of Human Remains (Ashes) Download MOD Form

Funeral Documents


1.Vault Re-Use Authorization Form – Download Here

2.Headstone Request & Authorization Form – Download Here


A two-page download that covers all requirements and authourization for use of the Meadowrest Memorial Park services

Download Here Page 1 & Page 2