• Romans Funeral Home Was founded by George Augustus and Hyacinth May Roman in 1939 established at 73 Oxford St Kingston Jamaica. As a pioneer of the funeral industry in Jamaica, George Roman attended the John McAllister institute and graduated as a Certified Embalmer and Funeral Director in 1954. As one of the first certified Funeral Service Practitioner on the island George and Hyacinth registered the sole trader Roman’s Funeral Home. In 1979 Roman’s Funeral Home was Incorporated as an LLC by grandson Winston George Roman Jr. Winston Attended the American Academy McAllister Institute where he graduated in 1978 as a Certified Funeral Service Practitioner. As successor of his grandparents Winston transcended in the industry expanding 73 Oxford St to 71-75 Oxford St. In 1991 Winston established a new location at 23 Dunrobin Ave Kinston Jamaica, which he would later expand in 2007 to 23-25 Dunrobin Ave. As a true leader in the industry Winston set high standards within the family organization and the industry. The new location at 23-25 Dunrobin ave features a 70 car parking lot, 130 capacity chapel, multiple viewing rooms and the largest Showroom on the island. Roman’s Funeral Home family operated, a tradition of service with dignity, poise and reverence for over 73 years
    • Because every life enriches us all, every life is worth loving and remembering always, and when we honor that life it should be with the highest dignity and respect.”-Winston Roman Jr.
    • That is why Roman’s Funeral Home LTD is dedicated to providing the best possible care and service.

    Roman's Funeral Home Ltd

    23 Dunrobin Ave Kingston 10, Jamaica, 73 Oxford St,Kingston, Jamaica

    Tel:1-876-9693821-2, Fax:1-876-9693823

    Email: Romansfuneralhome@gmail.com